A Verse by Verse Explanation of Daniel 11: 1-4

A Verse by Verse Explanation of Daniel 11: 1-4

Daniel chapters 10-12 are really one story. Gabriel explained in detail to Daniel of the events that will take place down through history, right to the end. In the book Daniel and Revelation p.125, Uriah Smith states, “We now enter upon a prophecy of future events, clothed not in figures and symbols, as in the visions of chapter 2, 7, and 8, but given mostly in plain language. Many of the signal events of the world’s history, from the days of Daniel to the end of the world, are here brought to view.”
We have no time to lose. Troublous times are before us. The world is stirred with the spirit of war. Soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in the prophecies will take place. The prophecy in the eleventh of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment. Much of the history that has taken place in fulfillment of this prophecy will be repeated. In the thirtieth verse a power is spoken of that “shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against the holy covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return, and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant.” [Verses 31-36, quoted.] 13MR 394.1

Daniel 11: 1, 2
1 Also I in the first year of Darius the Mede, even I, stood to confirm and to strengthen him.
2 And now will I shew thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia.
NB: The four kings that are mentioned in Daniel 11:2, influence was most prominent in its bearing upon Israel. They are the points of reference that the prophetic record wants to give.
* First year of Darius 538 B.C. (Daniel 5:30, 31; 9:1, 2; 10:1 & CRBJ 14.1)
* Gabriel was in the first year of Darius the Medes to confirm and strength him (PK556.4)
* Gabriel turned Daniel’s attention to the future: three (3) kings shall stand up in Persia. This is referring to the immediate successors of Cyrus. The three (3) kings are; Cambyses (son of Cyrus), False Smerdis (Artaxerxes in Ezra 4:7), Darius Hystaspes (gave the second decree. PK579.1-3). “The fourth shall be far richer than they all.” This forth king is Xerxes (Ahasuerus in Esther 1:1-4).
* By his (Xerxes) strength through his riches (Esther 1:3, 4) he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia. Xerxes inherited great riches from his father and by putting together a great army to attack Greece, and so did he carry out his expedition against Greece. Xerxes stirring up all was not limited to rallying those within his own nation, but was an extensive military and economic consolidation based upon agreements and alliances with subordinate states to the Persian Empire: The last battle fought in Platean Plain with the Greeks and Persians was fought in 479 B.C., and so ended the feat of Xerxes in stirring up all against the realm of Grecia.
Daniel 11:1–4 is a history which typifies the prophetic history of 1989 to the Sunday law. The four kings in Daniel 11:2, parallel the four last presidents of America based on the premise of the time of the end (T.O.E) in Daniel 11:1. However, verse one (1) of Daniel 11 shows the first year of Darius the Medes 538 B.C., which marks the T.O.E of Babylon, seventy (70) years ruling (RH Jan 23, 1908). This date (538) typify 1989 based on Daniel 11:40. Furthermore, Daniel 11:40 is the starting point where we see the four last presidents came up progressively. Another witness to mark the four last presidents at 1989 is Daniel 10:1. The third year of Cyrus (536 B.C.), that marks the end of the Jews seventy (70) years captivity. This shows the parallel of Darius and Cyrus with Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush coming at the T.O.E (536/1989).  After them we have the four kings/presidents coming up progressively.
* Cambyses (successor of Cyrus) – Bill Clinton (successor of Bush)
* False Smerdis (took the throne by fraud) – George W. Bush (won by fraud)
* Darius Hystaspes (raiser of taxes) – Barack Obama (raiser of taxes)
* Xerxes (far richer, stirred up Grecia) – Donald Trump (far richer, stirring up Russia).
* The two-horned kingdom of Medo–Persia is a symbol of the two-horned kingdom of the United States at the end of the world.
* Trump according to prophetic history is doing the exact thing that Xerxes did, stirring up all against the realms of Grecia (Russia) by his unique mode of political operations that typified Xerxes gaining ascendancy over nations through treaties, alliances and economic inducements (see Daniel 11:23, 24). Trump inherited his riches by taking over his father’s real estate business, and he inherited more when his father died.
* The ‘Grecia’ in Daniel 11:2 symbolizes Russia according to prophecy. The ‘Grecia’ that is referred to in verse 2 has a different phase to the one in verses 3-16 (divided Greece). Verse 2 ‘Grecia’ is Athens, which is the head of Greece.
* In his sixth year (480/479) he (Xerxes) led his army into Greece and suffered a terrible defeat at Salamis and at Platea. Xerxes went against the weaker Grecia. Connecting this event (480/479) with America would typify midnight, which symbolizes Salamis & Platea.  And at midnight, America will suffer a terrible defeat by weak Russia. Russia is weak compared to America. America is known as the world’s powerful nations.
Daniel 11:3, 4 (KJV)
3 And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.
4 And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.
The facts stated in these verses plainly point to Alexander, and the division of his empire (See on chapter 8:8).  Xerxes was the last Persian king who invaded Grecia; and the prophecy passes over the nine (9) successors of Xerxes in the Persian Empire, and next introduces Alexander the Great. Having overthrown the Persian Empire, Alexander “became absolute lord of that empire, in the utmost extent in which it was ever possessed by any of the Persian kings.” – Prideaux, Vol.I, p.477. His dominion was great, including “the greater portion of the then known habitable world;” and he did according to his will. His will led him, B.C.323, into a drunken debauch, as the result of which he died as the fool dieth; and his vainglorious and ambitious projects went into sudden, total, and everlasting eclipse. The kingdom was divided, but not for his posterity; it was plucked up for others besides those. Within a few years after his death, all his posterity had fallen victims to the jealousy and ambition of his leading generals. Not one of the race of Alexander was left to breathe upon the earth. So short is the transit from the highest pinnacle of earthly glory to the lowest depths of oblivion and death. The kingdom was rent into four divisions, and taken possession of by Alexander’s four ablest, or perhaps most ambitious and unprincipled generals, – Cassander, Lysimachus, Seleucus and Ptolemy. Daniel and Revelation p. 125-126.
* This ‘mighty king’ is Alexander the Great
* His dominion was great. This includes the greater portion of the then known habitable world.
* Alexander doing according to his will led him to his grave by the intoxication of alcoholic beverages and his kingdom went in to darkness.
*Alexander’s kingdom was divided towards the four winds of heaven.
The four winds encompass all directions or locations of the earth: north, south, east, and west.
* The kingdom was divided among Alexander’s four generals. He had thirty (30) abled generals but it was reduced to four: Lysimachus (north); Ptolemy (south); Seleucus (east); and Cassander (west).
* Alexander left no heirs to the throne who could hold the reins of government.
* Alexander established a new world government (new world order). The first act of the new world government was an effort to secure the stability of the empire by appointing these generals to the governors of various provinces. Each one had full military power in his province or district.

MN (480/479): Mardonius who represents Xerxes (Trump) lost the battle at Platea (MN). The Grecia/Athens (Athens was the head of Greece). Athens symbolizes Russia, and they defeated Persia/USA but did not reach the heart of Persia/USA.
NB: Ever since the time of Xerxes, Greece had been anxiously longing to reach the heart of Persia and wreak her vengeance there just as Persia had done in Greece in the burning of Athens. But it is evident that before Greece could do anything at all herself or before anything could be done by anyone to her, she must be united. She must be united upon her own choice, and so be free; or else be united against her choice and be in subjection.
To form a united Greece under his own hand was the task which Philip set for himself. Therefore, as soon as he had settled the affairs of his own kingdom, he deliberately set about what he knew to be a mighty task – the bringing of all the states of Greece into subjection to himself and this with the definite object of “getting himself appointed, in the assembly of the Greeks, their generalissimo against the Persians.” The Great Empire of Bible prophecy pg. 127
* This Greece (verses 3, 4) represents the United Nation. The New Grecian Order represents the One World Order that will take place at the Sunday law. The mighty king (Alexander) represents Trump ruling Greece/United Nation.
* After America defeats Russia at the MC a transition will take place where America will descend in order for the UN to ascend at the SL. This is where Revelation 17:12, 13, 16 transpires. At the SL the beast (Papacy) will rule again at the rise of the UN. The UN (ten (10) kings) will receive power as kings one (1) hour with the beast. The ten (10) kings (UN) shall hate the beast/whore and shall make her desolate. This is where the UN/Greece will be divided and plucked up.
* Another proof for the rise of the UN is Daniel 11:20. Gabriel went to fight with Persia/USA and when Gabriel is gone Grecia/UN shall come… Another proof is Revelation 16:13, 14. The dragon (UN), beast (Papacy) and false prophet (USA); these are the three fold union at the Sunday law (one (1) universal confederacy). America will grasp hand with spiritualism (UN) and clasp hands with Rome (beast) ChS160.1; Mar 190.1-5 & 3SM 392-393.
In closing, there is need of a much closer study of the Word of God; especially should Daniel and the Revelation have attention as never before… The light that Daniel received from God was given especially for these last days. TM 112; GW 113,(1896); LDE 15.3

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