Abigail’s Experience with the Everlasting Gospel

Abigail’s Experience with the Everlasting Gospel

Abigail entered the room slowly and almost froze when she saw that all was looking at her. Could they tell that her mother had left again for another business meeting? This was what she questioned as she slid into her seat. Her hair was not well done and her uniform was not well ironed. She knew she looked very distracting, but her grandmother became unwell last evening and was not able to help in her grooming. More than that, was the fact that her mother was suddenly called away for an emergency meeting; and in her haste to leave, she forgot to prepare Abigail for the rest of the week.

“Abby, why do you always look that way whenever your mother leaves town?” asked Emma, Abigail’s friend. The answer was not easy to speak, but the concern on Emma’s face forced Abigail to answer her the best way she could: “it’s my experience of the everlasting gospel.” How the everlasting gospel related to what this little girl was living was unknown to all save herself and her mother. “You see Emma,” began Abigail with a satisfying grin; “the phrase everlasting gospel simply means a good news that lasts forever. Can you imagine how good the news of my mother’s return is to me? Every time she leaves and returns I’m happier than the first time; though that’s probably because I’m sadder each time too. But anyways, in the Bible we learn of the everlasting gospel through the words of the first angel of Revelation 14. In my own life, I am reminded of it through the expectations I have whenever my mother leaves and returns.” At the close of saying what she did Abigail looked down at her desk and pile of books. Emma, in the silence of the moment, stood over her friend with a brush in her hand. She looked to be thinking on what she had just heard but her friend’s look needed to be helped. As she began to brush Abigail’s hair into a neater hold, she seemed always to whisper the phrase, everlasting gospel. When her self-given job was completed, she hugged Abigail and said: “I have the everlasting gospel too, each time I hear you are coming over to play; can you tell me more about these words as they are found in the Bible please?” Abigail was very eager to share and without delay told Emma about the angels of Revelation 14 and the work they do in delivering the message the people of today need. She explained that though they were three angels with different messages, they were all saying the same thing: only in a different way. She asked Emma if she remembered the day she and her sister told Abigail of their visit to Columbia and how they both told the same experience in different ways.

Emma looked to be understanding the things Abigail spoke to her and she seemed to hang on her every word. The concept of the everlasting gospel seemed new to her, especially with how it was being explained. But she accepted it as true, because it was told to her by her best friend. No sooner had the two children finished their discussion than Mr. Bell returned to finish up his lesson. He sat at his seat and asked that the Bible each student had, be taken out, and turned to Revelation 14:6. He then turned to the board and wrote: Everlasting Gospel. Amazement and expectation filled the girls’ eyes as they thumbed through the books of the Bible. One thing was certain though: this was a topic they both knew fairly well.

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