The “Time of the End” Concept in a Story

The “Time of the End” Concept in a Story

Her face wore no expression as she mulled over the idea Jake presented. She could make no sense of it however hard she tried; for how could the mind be so complex to her when she too had a mind? “Aren’t all minds assembled similarly?” she questioned. Then why couldn’t her mind understand like Jake’s? Long she circled thoughts like these around in her head and with each round her frustration deepened. She then decided that her mind was broken and inadequate and as she slumped her frame within the chair Jake approached her patiently.

Emma is many years younger than Jake but she had long gloated in her self-proclaimed brilliance. Now confounded by the wisdom Jake expressed, she felt far removed from her prior thoughts of intellectual soundness and grew increasingly uncomfortable in her brother’s company. As Jake neared her the tears flowed down little Emma’s cheeks. Completely overcome and humiliated she arose quickly with the intention to run off to her bedroom and sob her pillow wet. But Jake’s outstretched arms offered her a nearer option and without hesitation she ran to him and tearfully talked her disappointments.

“Why am I struggling to understand the thought you shared” asked Emma as Jake sat her on his lap and wiped her tears away. Her little face reflected nothing save dismay and annoyance. But why should she be thus troubled, when it is that the concept shared was higher than her mind’s ability to understand? Jake wondered at how to help her comprehension to the end where she could teach another what he told her.

  “Emma, do you remember the first time I taught you how to ride a bicycle?” Jake asked smilingly. “Do you remember how hard it was to maintain your balance even though you thought it easy to do?” At the mention of this Emma started laughing at how wobbly her rounds were around the block; and before she was able to recognize, she was happy again. This was Jake’s intention. He knew that those memories always made her laugh. “And do you remember,” he continued “when you began teaching Aaron how to ride and the ways you helped him to keep his balance?” “Oh yeah, I remember” responded Emma in a laugh.

Realizing from that experience a lesson that he wanted her to see, Jake began at telling his little sister of how similar the mind is to the experience just named. Reading her to be surprised, he continued in telling her how the experience in learning to ride was perfected through many trials and errors. He added that prior to him teaching her she as ignorant on how to operate a bicycle and this even though he had told her how to. It wasn’t until she had an active lesson on how to do it that she developed neural cues on how to do so with sharper skills. The same held true with their little cousin that she taught to ride. Emma was only able to do these bicycle lessons as she had learned herself how it was done from Jake; and this she understood.

“Now,” began Jake as he saw the opportunity, “that was all I meant when I told you that all actions follow a neural pattern and that these patterns are like mental tracks that become more and more visible with use. Before you had these mental tracks there was nothing there. But as soon as you began at learning, say, how to ride a bicycle that track begins to appear and becomes more defined as you do it often. Do you understand?” “Yes!” screamed Emma happily and with great excitement ran and told her parents what she had just learned.

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